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  1. I have these slimy white things all of a sudden. I cleaned the tub with ahh-some and when I refilled they were all over the place. So I emptied it and cleaned it again....still more. I tried to dissolve a few with straight chlorine and also CLR. But neither one does anything. I'm stumped.
  2. Thanks ahhsomeguy. Mine was a floor model purchased in early 2016. I'm still waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.
  3. wish2fish...I've called the manufacturer and waiting their response. Spoke with a former Watkins tech today and it can show up 2+ years later. Depending on the chemistry.
  4. So its interesting that being 2016 falls right in the middle of when the problem has been reported. I spoke with a former Watkins tech and the problem was between 2014 and 2018. The other reason I suspect it's the same problem is because I tried EVERYTHING else. I'm not blaming them except not letting anyone know. As far as the service bulletin, I'm not privy to that info, I'm just taking the techs word. He was a 15 year tech for them. The Watkins serial number is NIB2U1073. Also, to answer your question, it just showed up but this is the first time we are using it in the past 6 months.We use
  5. So, after 4 people and all thier suggestions, What I found out was that this is a manufacturing defect of Watkins Manufacturing. Some chemical they used in the air lines causes this. I will be calling Caldera in the morning. From what I know , they don't tell anybody, but there is a Technical Service Bulletin about this problem. Is this what you are talking about Ahhsomeguy ?
  6. Hi, I'm at wits end with this. I've had 3 different Spa places give me suggestions and none of it works. There are these white flakes that I cant seem to get rid of. Picture attached. I have tried those super cleaners 4 times. I have tried super shocking the spa 2 times and left it for 5 days. After each try it just comes back. And each time I empty it and I blow water through all the lines. Its a Caldera Niagara spa and its only 3 years old. In the picture it is sitting in Straight Clorox and hasn't changed in 2 hours. Its one of the larger specimens at 1/4 inch. All of the o
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