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  1. This. My initial cartridge lasted less than 3 months. I was a new tub owner and was not aware that biofilm comes 'pre-loaded' in all new tubs. Prior to the first drain, I used ahh-some and have done so ever since then each time. Cartridges last at least 4 months now, sometimes longer. Adding an Ag cartridge helped extend it as well, but the real killer for these things is the biofilm, at least in my experience.
  2. Tech came out, it appears to be an issue with the housing seal. I little trial and error and it seals correctly now. The tech said that specific salt system is quite new and this is the first one he has seen that was leaking. Not sure if more will experience this is the future, but for now, it's fixed. Thanks everyone for your help!
  3. Had the tech come out, and after chatting with the manufacturer, it's either a bad gasket on the cartridge or the cartridge housing. Cleaned the housing and put in a new cartridge. We'll see.
  4. That’s what I assumed. It must not be level. Not a big deal. It’s flat though.
  5. Absolutely. I was curious if anyone knew if the light on that side was lower than the others, by design. I wouldn’t think so..?
  6. Hi All, I noticed something on my Hotspring Flash hot tub today. As background, the tub is about a year old, sits on new cement pavers, which in turn sit on top of a cement slab which was the base for the previous owners hot tub. I had not paid any attention to this before, but I noticed today that water level seems out of level. I say seems because of you look at the photos, on three of the side the water line comes right up to, but does not touch, the light. On the forth side, the water level comes over the light as well as the control knob. First thought was that the ground had settled, or it wasn't level when it was installed and I never bothered to notice it. I took a 6 foot level to the top of each side of the shell.....perfectly level. The ground? Perfectly level. The water line looks level all the way around as well. Not sure what I am seeing if everything is in alignment, including the ground. Any ideas? Thanks, Matt
  7. Thanks so much for the reply. I don't think the cartridge is seated improperly - said another way, the cartridge went in and locked down the same exact way the last 4-5 cartridges did on previous change outs. I inspected the cartridge can compared it to another new one, looked exactly the same. EDIT: Checked it just now and when I give the cartridge a slight 'tug', there is some play there. Not a lot, but it's noticeable. Tugging on the cartridge also caused water to come out of the drain, enough to make a small puddle. Not sure if when the cartridge is seated, it should be totally locked down - as in zero play up and down.
  8. Hi everyone, Hotspring Flash spa owner - 1 year. Great spa. During my last change of the Freshwater cartridge, following the on-screen procedures, as the pump turn off there is always a slug of water than exits the tub from the black hose 'port' located on the bottom wood trim under the skirt (I'm not sure what else to call it - I can't find the 'port' on any of the schematics). Anyway, this time after changing our the cartridge, that port now 'leaks' small amounts of water at various times. I'm assuming when the circulation pumps kick on at various times during the day. It's not a large amount of water, but never happened before and it should not be happening now. I removed the panel and the internal compartment was bone dry - I couldn't even tell where the tubing from that port originated as it's underneath the compartment. Has anyone ever experienced this? Also, what is that 'port' called? Thanks, Matt
  9. Hi All, Just moved into a new home and have a HotSpring Grandee spa, from between 1993 and 1997, based on my research. Spa was empty when we bought the house. The previous owners indicated the spa worked fine. So... I plugged it in, and nothing on the panel ('power' indicator light, everything else I believe is dial/pushbutton) did not light. There is a 'spa lock' which is a key based lock, but I don't think it's being utilized as the previous owner didn't know anything about it. My question is would the spa need to be full past the jets in order for it to energize? I'm kind of at a loss as I don't have the manual. Thanks, Matt
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