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  1. I am looking for a new (external) heater to heat my hot tubs, currently using a "Coasts st-11" 11kW single phase heater, but I can't find a matching model sold in the UK. Can anyone provide me with a source for this (or suitable alternative) heater sold within the UK?
  2. I operate a half dozen commercial hot tubs, and need a cheaper method of cleaning my cartridge filters than the aquasparkle sachets. The filters are usually cleaned upwards of twice a week due to heavy use of our hot tubs, I as wondering if I could use something like Sodium Hydrochlorite (14/15%) to clean the filters? And if so, what ratio of that to water should I be using?
  3. How would I remove rust stains from inside my hot tubs, usually caused by the back of an earing or bottle cap laying at the bottom of the tub? Also, the part of the shells that sit above the water level have begun to get a bit discoloured with use, how do I get that back to looking nice and white again? Thanks.
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