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  1. Very interested in what you find. I'd like to add a gas heater to a spa and not sure how easy or hard it is. Youtube wasn't that helpful...
  2. Slab is built. Swim Spa order is about to go in. We've looked at a few. about to pull the trigger. for a 14 footer, the real question we are trying to answer is whether it CAN be a unicorn pool... swim when we want to swim, and hot tub when we want to hot tub. We plan to keep it nice and warm (89-ish) for swimming. But how long does it really take to warm up to a hot-tub temp? I'm pretty handy so the idea of adding a gas water heater isn't out of the question. But I'd hate to start tearing apart our brand new swim spa. Natural Gas is about 5 feet away from where we are putt
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