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  1. Followup: it was the thermostat sensor, as @RDspaguysuggested. Dealer came out this past Friday to replace at no cost. No further issues. Thanks for the help on this one.
  2. Thanks @RDspaguy for the response. I do have a multimeter, however, given that it sounds like a bad sensor as opposed to a calibration setting I just called my dealer and they are coming out to fix it - it's covered under warranty. Really appreciate the quick support here. Will definitely revert back to share the resolution on this one. Have a great day.
  3. Background: jacuzzi j-375, have had it for 1 year. We normally keep the temp at 98 degrees this time of year. About 2 weeks ago we noticed that 98 felt way too hot. Grabbed a pool thermometer and took the temperature and noted that it read 106 degrees while the control pad on the tub says 98. never had this issue before, is this right? Had to lower the temp setting to 94 to get the temp down to 101, which is quite comfortable. is there a way to troubleshoot or recalibrate the tub? thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. Hello everyone, wanted to run some numbers by the group to get a market check. I am located in the greater NY area and received two quotes from my Jacuzzi dealer. Here are the details: Quote 1 - Floor Display Model (never used in store) It's a J-480 with bluewave speaker system factory installed. Was told retail is $21,999 and quoted $16,000 for tub and cover. Quote 2 - brand new from factory It's a J-475 without bluewave. Was told retail is $20,999 and quoted a price of $17,499 for tub and cover. I realize this isn't quote apples to apples as the floor model has the bluewave installed and the factory model doesn't. I have a request in to the dealer for a price to upgrade the J-475 to Bluewave. Each quote includes delivery, setup, and starter chemicals. I'm planning on upgrading to the Oxidizer and was quoted $249.00. Smart Tub upgrade was quoted at $799. Would love some feedback from the group on the reasonableness of these quotes. My spouse prefers the J-480 but my instinct tells me that for a floor model I should be getting more than a $1,750 discount over the new model. Thanks everyone.
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