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  1. We bought a used TidalFit 14 ft swimspa and finding info on it has been hard. The manual that came with it is pretty much useless. However, we love it for swimming and for relaxing. Ours has several places to sit but really only one jetted seat so we have to take turns using that seat. Ours is in our garage so we can use it year around. As far as heating it up it took approximatly 24 hrs to reach the 87 degrees we set it on. Good luck and congrats on getting a swim spa!
  2. We bought a used TidalFit swimspa 2010, by Artisian. It is the 14 ft model. We got it installed in garage. We did get the manual, which is not of much help. We hsve not filled the pool as of yet. 1. Need to know how many filters it uses and model numbers. We see places for 3 but only one was in the pool. 2. What chemicals do we need to purchase to get started? 3. Any suggestions on waterproofing the walls to prevent against mildew and mold getting in the walls? The cover was in ruin so we must buy a hew cover. Any suggestions?
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