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  1. I bought a house with an Aqualink system with an AquaPure 1400. The cell was throwing errors 120 and 121, not knowing how old the cell was...i replaced it. The errors are gone but what I've noticed is that there is no lights on in the display. The LCD shows the salinity, the chlorine level and flow... no power light, no flow light, no cell resting light. I have checked the cable, made sure it was fully plugged in and noticed mouse poop. I pulled the cable to the user interface and noticed some checking on the wire. Two of the left most wires/pins were cut (along with the red pin strip of the wire chewed through by the mouse), so I assumed that was it. I ordered a new cable and replaced it, turned the system back on and the board beeps and no LCD now. So either those two wires need to be cut (probably not the red one tho)? At this point, I'm not sure why the LCD works with the old cable but not getting any power lights? Any ideas of what I can try? Appreciate any pointers!
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