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  1. I tried the process of elimination by unhooking the motor, the controller, the heater and any other wire I could unplug from the circuit board. I then put power to the circuit board and, again, got smoke, sparks and another blown fuse
  2. I don't know if you can see the pictures of the circuit board and the burnt area here but I'll try. The files were too big to post here and I don't know how to reduce them. https://mail.yahoo.com/d/compose/3004454981
  3. Dnepr Dave: it is a Balboa, Model Number: VKV500, Part number: 54350-01, serial number: 54350-01200810090132, Year: 2008. Thanks for any help you can provide
  4. On the circuit board at the top left, where the fuze mounts, underneath the right prong that holds the fuze, it is burnt and crispy. I can see a bit evidence of smoke on the cover also. The fuze is also blown and burnt on one end. Can you give me suggestions on how to troubleshoot what caused this?
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