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    tips for spa rookies

    hi rookies i got free training from a real pool guy on a bi weekly contract which i learned all the tricks of running a chlorine tub first of all... if somebody talks you in to a bromine tub you will waste many hours a week with your chemistry set aqua chek makes test strips for both tubs - the secret weapon to do it on your own there are 4 things on a test strip that tells you your tub is safe before you go in ph, chlorine, alkalinity, stabilizer ph and alkalinity in the middle of the strip first - example 1-3 capf fulls of sani marc alkalinity powder dissolved in hot water then in to the tub chlorine is chlorine. the same stuff you swam in in pools at school when you are a kid they put stabilizer (acid) in the chlorine tablets to go in your float (5 ) maybe.. when a strip goes down at all add two or three as the melting process goes dont flip out about high chlorine levels.. you can smell it when it is too high and always let the tub breathe a few minutes before you get in stabilizer too high? same thing it keeps you from cooking in basic water a perfect tub does not cook you either way feel a little tingly is good really slippery is bad your water should be blue and clear always why you put the float back in every time you get out of the tub scum, brown bubbles, ring around the tub you have uneducated rookies getting in your tub with cosmetic product on their bodies you rinse before you get in you rinse after you get out one person with cosmetics below the neck will wreck everything chlorine or bromine your skin should be dry and smooth 24/7 after a tub and a good rinse when you run your own tub with aqua chek test trips 12.99 for 50 test strips and no chemistry set chemicals minus gel is dropped in a few tablespoons of acid and your basic numbers are good low basic water needs 1-3 capfulls of dissolved alkalinity powder good numbers in the middle of the strip baking soda? a poor mans sledgehammer answer to opening a can that is about it i learned it all from a real pool guy from about 5 visits..never drained tub from beginning 5 months ago until now i have hard water where i live and bromine people have to deal with calcium for water hardness like i said before bromine really needs the chemistry set chlorine does not chlorine is the superior sanitizer 50 strips in a little bottle of aqua chek for chlorine or bromine test your tub every time you go in life is simple and safe too much chlorine? you can smell it and you cant breathe it which is why you let your tub breathe before you get in too much stabilizer? it is protecting you from cooking in basic water you micro manage the ph and alkalinity and you will get 3 or 4 days of perfect numbers i wont talk about shock if you need to shock then you are not watching the tablets in the float worst of all(friends) getting in to your tub with any cosmetic product and destroying all the advice i gave you rinse filter once a week soak filter in cleaning product and water and rinse thoroughly once a month happy tubbing on your own with control of all chemistry with test strips and friends without body cosmetics cheers