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    Hot Springs Spa Repair help needed

    Thanks for the help🙄
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    Hot Springs Spa Repair help needed

    I purchased the components at my local factory dealer. They are legit parts. I had the factory service guy come out and check all of my work also, confirmed correct installation. They are also where I got the software to install, so that should be accurate as well. The burned spot is just below the two pin connector on the top right hand side.
  3. Forum, I have a Hot Springs Vanguard 2011 VV2N2599. It is wired 240V. A little over a month ago, the relay burned off of the heater relay board (old style). I replaced this with the new style, as well as the heater and the sensors in the heater unit. Two weeks later, the main circuit board stopped responding. No heat, circ pump. One Red LED was solid on. I spoke to the local dealer/service center, They said the main board was no good. So, I replaced the entire control box, upgrading to the "eagle" which meant I had to also upgrade the control panel, update software, set relays. I did this, and it worked...for four days. Again, one red LED, no functions. The service guy came out, called the factory, said I had a defective board. I got a replacement, reinstalled, reupdated, set relays. It worked... for one day. This time, the board seemed to be functioning fine, but the control panel was back to default abcdefg screen. I tried to reset and reload software, but no good. Service guy came out, said bad board corrupted the panel so they ordered me a new one, which was going to take four days (I live in NE Ohio, and its 20 degrees outside) but no problem because the heater and circ pump are working. So this morning, I went out to check on it and saw that the pump was running but no water was flowing because the heater stopped working and froze the lines. After swearing and throwing things for about ten minutes, I pulled the lines and the heater and ran hot water through them, and got water flowing again. While doing this, I noticed that the main circuit board had a burned spot on it near the temp sensor plug. I'll get the new control panel tomorrow, but I'm pretty confident there is some other issue going on here. Incoming power seems to be ok. Tests 240V, no continuity between lines or ground. Can anyone lend some expertise?