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  1. Hi All, We've had this issue for awhile now with several repair shops coming out to try and figure out the issue, all without resolve. See the GIF here to see the outcome of (what I think) the electrical short. The tub was at 56 degrees yesterday at 9AM and was heating mostly all day until it reached 102 degrees around 7PM. I thought it was a heater issue or maybe the pump, but now I'm not so sure. The breaker connected to the hot tub does NOT trip when this happens, and I'm unable to turn on the jets or lights. Around 11PM, the hot tub started to cycle by turning the pumps on then off, and became quicker. When I arrived at the tub, the control panel looked like the GIF above. I'm starting to think that the control panel itself is shorting when water is able to soak in around the edges. Any ideas? Thank you, Todd
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