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  1. 9 hours ago, Jersey Hot Tub Repair said:

    I would never mount a TV onto a hot tub.  Two reasons:

    If you physically attach it to the hot tub, you will be drilling holes into the tub, and ASSUMING you can find the frame to get a good mount, anytime you need to have the hot tub serviced you will have to remove the TV.  Everytime you remove and replace the screws the connection will get weaker.

    The more important reasons not to mount the tv onto the tub ( or even NEAR the tub) is what if it falls into the tub while your family is in there?  While that's not supposed to happen, every year people are electrocuted in hot tubs and swim pools because of bending the rules of electrical safety; someone gets killed because of something that's not supposed to happen.  I would guess that your town's electrical inspector would write you up for having the TV anywhere near the tub.

    I checked out the cosmos outdoor tv mounts like you suggested and they look very sturdy.  Five years from now, the screws you used to mount it into the tub have rusted, an unusually strong blast of wind blows through, and it's goodby Jawncarlo & family.


    Thanks, now I have to think twice lol. 

  2. 16 hours ago, Cusser said:

    Alexis - We have 2 patio chairs and small fire pit and our 1988 CalSpa on our backyard patio, under the patio cover.  My daughters gave me a 30" HDTV 1.5 years ago for my back patio so we could watch out there.  I decided that a ceiling mount for the TV where I could swivel towards either the chairs/fire pit or the spa would be ideal.  So I looked on Google for a swivel ceiling mount for a TV, and ordered one from HomeDepot.com for maybe around $50.  This works great from either location, and using the remote control from inside the spa eliminates any electrocution potential.

    Hi there. Wow that's a great idea and it cost you less. Alright, i'll check that away, Thanks! 

  3. Hello there, newbie here. So last year, we installed a hot tub beside the backyard in the patio because our family loves to bond outside while dipping the hot tub. Can you suggest a outdoor tv with hot tub mounts? I've seen that cosmos outdoor tv offers a hot tub mount but i want to settle right away that's why i'm need more suggestions or brands. Thanks. better if you have reviews too!



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