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  1. How exactly did you check the fuses outside of the system? Fuses cannot merely be tested for continuity but, should be tested for voltage on the circuit board with power live. If you are getting anything but 0 voltage then you have a bad fuse. I can tell you right now that nothing is going to heat if your circulation pump is not running. The fact that it is not running is an immediate red flag to me. Since you have confirmed the circ pump to work, you need to figure out why it is not running. Your circ pump should turn on immediately. Are you getting power on the circuit board where your circ pump plugs in? Confirm whether or not you are getting voltage between the white and black on the circuit board where the circ pump connects. https://www.sundancespas.com/media/3414/850-series_english-2.pdf If this diagram on page 33 matches your circuit board, it would be at TB2. In my humble opinion, if you are not getting power to your circ pump from the board, and the pump is confirmed to work, then perhaps you have a bad capacitor on board. Ooops sorry. I just typed this all out, only to realize you had discovered the bad capacitor.
  2. Need more information, but make sure you check the connections on the relay. Make sure everything is properly connected, sometimes the mechanisms can be tricky. Occasionally they send bad relay boards from the factory. Do you have a multimeter? Test to see if you are getting power coming from the board to the heater relay. If so, you either connected the heater relay improperly or you have a bad auxiliary board. If you are not getting power from your main board to the heater board, then perhaps you have a bad circuit board. Again, I can't really properly answer without more information or perhaps pictures. Regards, AM
  3. Hello my friend, My general rule of thumb is 3 wire (BWG) means 1 Speed pump and 4 wire (BRWG) means 2 Speed pump. Generally, circuit board wiring diagrams will designate that the circuit board is pinned for either a 1 speed or 2 speed pump. I don't think it is necessary for you to mark anything because 3 wire cords are standard for 1 speed pumps across the board. Regards, AM
  4. Hey, I don't know if it means anything to you but I generally refer my clients to affordablespacovers.com, who I have yet to hear any complaints about. Apparently there are a bunch of bad reviews online, but my clients haven't had anything negative to say yet. For the record, I make nothing off my referrals there, though I wish I did at this point. AM
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