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  1. I had this spa with Balboa VS501z replacement pack with a VL200 topside running fine and then had a pipe union crack and almost all the water drained out. When I fixed the pipe union and refilled strange things are happening. First, it doesn't go through the normal power up sequence showing the SSID, etc on the display panel. It displays immediately displays "Pr". The light button on the spa blinks on and off constantly and is accompanied by a relay (I believe it is relay K8) going on and off almost in perfect timing with the flashing light button. The light in the tub flashes as well. When I tried to change mode to Standard (St) it immediately displays "--" and stays that way. If I put it in Sleep (Sl) mode, it will heat and the low speed jets with go on but the light and relay continue flashing and clicking. During all this, pressing the Jets button has no effect. The jets do not go on at all. The blower turns on and off just fine. I've tried resetting the J43 jumper. I thought it might be the topside, so I unplugged it and still have the clicking relay (no flashing light) but no pumps or jets or heat go on. Can some please advise!! Thank you, Jim Siebert
  2. I have an older spa that runs fantastic. There are many of these hairline cracks. It is not loosing water but the cracks get black with with a mold like substance. Can the spa shell be resurfaced or reglazed?
  3. Hello, My spa was working perfectly and when I restarted after changing the water, it started acting funny. It goes through the priming and startup stages fine and then the topside displays a strange msg or shuts off like the msg shown in the first picture. I looked closely at the circuit board and noticed the R17 resistor looks like it got fried (second picture). Here are my questions... 1. What could have caused this? 2. Can I fix this (I'm good with electronics)? 3. Do I need a new board? If so, will it burn out just like this one did? Thanks in advance, Jim
  4. Hello, My spa has a Waterway top-load filter with a spring-loaded bypass valve (gate) at the bottom. It appears as the spring on the bypass valve gate has broken so the gate is open all the time bypassing the filter. My question is: Can I replace the spring on the bypass valve gate at the bottom or do I need to replace the entire filter unit? Thanks in advance. Jim
  5. Thank you! This is good news. I'll at least be able to isolate the topside as the problem ... I hope!
  6. Hello My spa recently stopped working. The Balboa topside panel shows a very strange display of 3 columns of 3 dashes. The code is not listed anywhere. I inspected the circuit board for odor or burning, and everything looks fine. I reset set the power and the topside powers up goes through the startup sequence, primes the pump and then I get this strange code on the top side panel and it goes unresponsive (or restarts). My question is this...will the Balboa M7 operate without the topside plugged into the circuit board so I can see if the topside is the problem? Thanks, Jim
  7. Im having the exact same problem? What did you finally do to fix it? Do you replace the whole filter unit? Thanks
  8. It is possible for water to bypass your filter. I have a Waterway top-load cartridge filter. There is a spring loaded bypass at the very bottom which is supposed to open when the pump is on high and shut automatically when it is not. The spring on my value is broken so the water ALWAYS bypasses the filter. Does anyone know if the spring can be replaced or do I need to replace the entire filter housing?
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