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  1. So, I got my hot tub cover. It showed up a few weeks early which was nice. I do have a concern though that maybe someone can address. The cover was made in Mexico (I thought it was US), but, the underliner is not like the one I had before. I had a mesh net liner and the new one is hard with 2 weep holes on each side. So, when I open the cover, lots of water pours out the the weep holes back into the tub. Is this normal? Is this underliner better/worse than what I had? Overall, I think this cover feels 'cheaper' than the one I replaced, but, if I get several years out of it, then I really don't car.
  2. Affordablespacovers was one the the places I was looking at. They had much better pricing than others, but, the reviews concerned me. In the end, I ordered a Cover from RHtubs. I got the upgrades I wanted and price was less than some sites and a little more than others. Should arrive in 3 weeks according to shipping. Can't get here soon enough as my current cover is really waterlogged.
  3. Home Depot carries spa covers by Beyondnice and Canadian spa company but, they don't look customizable. BeyondNice is one of the places I was looking at purchasing from. I think they were a little more expensive than others. Just about every site advertises top vinyl (30 grade), double barrier of 4 or 6 mil, full seal heat stopper. So, it's a tough choice which is why I was asking for opinions of where other users bought their covers. It really amazes me that Yelp/BBB/Google have pretty bad ratings for most places. I hate to drop $500 and get a lousy cover. And yes, I do see lots of negative reviews about the shipping companies ruining the covers. Not sure if this is allowed or board etiquette, but, these are the places I have been looking: Thecoverguy / Spadepot / affordablespacovers / Hottubworks / spa-mart / beyondnice / discoiuntspacovers / Myspacover / FloridaSpaCovers Lots of choices as you can see.
  4. All, My spa cover is very heavy and waterlogged. I need to replace it. I went to a couple local stores where they custom order and was shocked at pricing. $500 was common. Looking online there are about 10 or so places that jump out immediately offering custom covers. They run a little cheaper (375 - 450). But, in looking at reviews for most, I was surprised at the number of complaints. Basically, no one place stood out as the 'go to' place to buy a good hot tub cover. Many have F rating at BBB. Can anyone recommend an online place that they purchased from where the quality turned out to be good and where they are happy with their purchase? I hate to drop this much money to get an inferior product. I'm planning on getting 5x3 with 2lb foam double wrapped.
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