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  1. i have a 2003 sweetwater bahia/w. a few weeks ago, the spa began humming... over the next week and a half, it kept getting louder and louder, but was working normally. around this time, it started turning on and off constantly and working erratically. now i throw the breaker, it clicks, starts the loud hum, display boots up, shows temperature, shows heat lamp, continues as normal (but still humming) for about 5-10 seconds, then everything turns off. sometimes in this cycle it will show “355” or “888” on the display in boot up or shut down. additionally, i can turn on JET 1 before it shuts down and it will run for an additional 10+ seconds before repeating the shut down process. whenever i hit JET 2, it shuts down immediately. i am unsure if replacing the board is what i need to do, and if so... if this model is the right one to buy “6600-288” (NOTE: NEW PART NUMBER BEING USED INSTEAD IS “6600-726”).
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