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  1. I have "obtained" a Dream Maker Hot Tub, approximately 2006 model X-400. Well the previous owner pretty much cut all water lines to the jets to entire hot tub. Being this was free........ is there anyway to put, just say a 2.5 inch large jet, and how would i add the venturi effect to that one jet. We primarily want it to just lay around in and have hot water flowing, but possibly with the air lines attached to the jet also. Any ideas, parts, or home made ideas that will work? The air lines are still in place with the original factory knobs and all. Can I get an air manifold (idea pic below) and hook these air lines before the one large jet? Thanks for any feed back... Also, the pump is brand new. There is just really no way to get the water lines that have been cut back to working order. The hot tub heater is also new, its an inline "smart" heater that keeps constant water temp at 104.
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