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  1. The circulation pump doesn't turn on at all. It actually now doesn't go into watchdog mode any more, but just stays on flo2 and Cold. Also if you don't mind, could you clarify what you mean by install valves inline with the heater?
  2. Hello my name is Marcello, I got gifted a Sundance Marin Spa 850, I'm not sure what year it is but I believe it is around 2004 or so. I put it into place and hooked it up to a spa disconnect and all that good stuff. I replaced the discharge valve because it wasn't leaking just yesterday and was able to fill it up finally! After filling, I was able to turn it on. All the Jets and bubbles worked great, but I got a COLD (due to the cold water) FLO error on the display. I decided to run the Jets and set the filter to run for a little while to clear up any gunk and buildup in the pipes. (Prior to this, the hot tub hadnt been turned on for over a year). I walked away. When I returned 20 minutes or so later, the hot tub showed four dashes (watchdog error). I turned it off over night and tried again this morning to receive the same error. It turns on, flashes for a split second FLO2 and goes into watchdog mode. I've researched a bit and it looks like this error can mean a multitude of things. In this specific instance, I was able to turn it on and run everything for about 30 minutes until it went to that watchdog error and now it just goes straight to that error. Any ideas on what it could mean? A thousand thank yous in advance!
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