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    Hot Springs/Freshwater III Voltage

    Call them or try reaching local plumber service.
  2. amiloosingit

    Hotsprings Sovereign Blinking Power Light

    Replaced them as well and still dunno what to do.
  3. amiloosingit

    Jacuzzi J210 jets question

    I've changed them too, just to be sure and really wish i knew it before.
  4. amiloosingit

    Jets/Motor wont turn off?

    Should be working by that time.
  5. amiloosingit

    concrete slab on pavers

    You should always take care about your basement as it's the fundamental of your house and it's gonna get broken. It's should be not that difficult when you working with standart system of establishing basement, you can always figiure out what to do if something goes wrong. As far as i know, their support works just fine. And if we talking about concrete, you should take a look at http://hardman-de.com - their technology looks intersting. I mean, maybe it's too complicated for personal use, untill you building your own nuclear plant