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    Hot Springs/Freshwater III Voltage

    I suspected that this was the case, but thanks for the confirmation - much appreciated.
  2. I'm replacing the ozonator on my 2014 Hot Springs Jetsetter spa. The original unit in the spa is a Freshwater III and I'm replacing with another brand (AquaSun XL-50 from Spa Depot). After I ordered the new unit I got to thinking about whether the control box connection on the Jetsetter for the ozonator is 120v or 240v - the terminals in the box are spades. Does anyone know for certain whether this connection is 120v or 240v? The power to the spa is supplied by two breakers - one 120v and one 240v - I'm pretty sure that the 240v is for the heater circuit and the 120v is for the control circuits, which I'm guessing should include the ozonator. Does my assumption sound correct? The control box is the IQ2020 version. New to the forum - thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.