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    I too created an account just to comment on this thread. There is much mis-information here, particularly by "Southsider". The fact is that Dream maker has not (as of Oct 2018) gone out of business. They are still in operation. As far as I know, (local dealer told me) they still sell spas with their "heatstick" technology. I have had mine (X-400) for 10 years. On an outside deck in Northern New England. I have had exactly one leak in it in 10 years, that was a pump seal, which was a standard seal, replacement bought on Amazon. This summer the control board failed. It looked to me like the gasket sealing the control box degraded letting moisture into the board, as it was corroded. (Remember, it is outside, and I did have a seal leak a couple of years ago). I called Dream Maker customer support. They suggested 3 tests to verify it was the board and not the Spa side control panel. When I diagnosed the issue and called them back, the sold me a new Control Board complete with new sealed box, (it had been updated), It was a drop in repair, so they continue to support older models. As for the "heatstick technology" something there works. Whether it is the water forced through the heat stick or impeller friction (there is nothing visibly different in the pump housing, I took mine apart to change out the seal, I used to be a Pool and Spa technical in a former life and I have had a lot of impeller housings apart) Additionally my tub has no plumbing windings around the motor, it harvests no "waste heat" directly from the motor, although the heat from the motor does exhaust into the roto-molded shell. It has no electric heater. It clearly relies on friction from the impeller and subsequent "heatstick" (http://images.inyopools.com/cloud/images/561257-4.jpg) which is a vortex producing device (and perhaps some ambient warm air from the motor). The water temp does climb at a rate of nearly 2 degrees an hour, so yes it can take days to heat the first fill depending on the water temp you fill it with. It does run on a 15 Amp 110V house circuit with a standard plug, the plug contains a GFI. We run it and use it all year round, more so in the winter. It stays up to temp 100-102 all winter, outside, despite below 0 temps. It certainly runs more hours a day in the winter, but it does not run constantly by any measure. If you Google "vortex tubes" you will find that there is nothing new, or revolutionary about the technology. It has been used to heat air since it was invented in 1931. The vortex tube is a mechanical device that separates a compressed gas into hot and cold streams. It has no moving parts. The Dream Maker Spas evidently utilize the similar basic theory and apply it to water. The tub will not gain heat with the cover off and the jets on. It is a single speed motor, and if you open the Air Control Valves to allow air to mix in with the jets, the cool air drops the water temp faster than the heating system will keep up. We use it for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, and are not uncomfortable after 20 minutes, maybe a 2 degree drop. But I find that after getting out of the tub, it is back up to temp within an hour and shuts down. As for efficiency, I wont argue about the physics behind the claimed technology. However I can tell you that based on my local rate of 9.25 cents per KWH, if the motor uses about 4 amps when running (which is high, my meter says closer to 3), if I figure it runs worst case at 5 hours run a day then that equates to about 116 dollars a year. A little more if the winter is extra long or extra cold. I hope this helps some with an evaluation of this tub. I recommend you search out people who actually own them vs the experts that know why they don't want one. They are good, they do the job with a minimum of cost, and parts. The jets have good output, strong enough to take effort to block off while running. The jets are in a good position to reach the upper and lower back depending on which corner you sit in (They are in different positions on each side). Parts are available. The shell is not the most attractive in the business, looks like an oversize dog food dish, but scratches buff out, the surface has not broken down in 10 years, the chemicals have not discolored it, there is no evidence of the scrubbing damaging the surface at the water line. I will sell this house when it is paid off it in 4 more years, I will leave the tub and manual with the new owners and buy the same model tub for our next house.