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  1. Also, the spa is drained now because of frost, so further troubleshooting is a bit troublesome 😕
  2. I have an older (2003) Sundance Altamar 880 spa, which are going into protect mode (watch dog error, four dashes). I can reset the error by turning of the power with the circuit breakers, but the error reappear after some time. As long as the water is cold, the massage pumps operate and the error stays away, but as soon as the water is warm enough for the massage pumps to stop, the error appears. The display also shows the "OH" (overheat) error briefly before going into protection mode. I have removed the cover in front of the heater, and it is very hot to touch. I don't know if this is normal? I have read about the watchdog error on these spas, and many are suggesting that the capacitors may be bad. They seem fine here. I personally suspect the circulation pump, as it is suspiciously quiet. Could a failed circulation pump cause these errors? Thanks!
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