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  1. Folks, I'm planning to renovate our garden(front yard) and the pool(back yard). I'd like to pave the way, leading to the pool side with flagstones. I'm looking for budget landscaping services in Mississauga. We have a few trees in the pool side, so the ground should be paved by pruning the trees. Our garden is almost damaged and appears bad due to fall weather. I also love to pave the walking path of the garden with gravel. Next month, my boy friend is coming home, I want to surprise him with an elegant front yard. All I have is thirty days of time. So I'd like to start the work ASAP.
  2. I think DIY is not a good idea now. I suggest you call some pros!
  3. Hey guys, I need a help.I'm living in Massachusetts. We have a pool on our backyard side. It has been a year since we have this chlorine water pool. There an issue now, the pool often requires to add more chlorine. Last month we contacted some swimming pool services in Massachusetts for the maintenance. Instead of this pros service we need to find the time to buy chlorine to maintain the pool, that is a real headache. And we are almost fed up with this continuous pool maintenance cost. Somehow we decided to convert it into a salt water pool. what can we do to drain the chlorine water a
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