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    Digital test readers - worth it?

    I switched to a digital test kit that gives me santizer levels, ph, alk and hardness. Add drops to various test tubes and gives me a digital reading. Makes my OCD of figuring out levels much better. Maybe I am little color blind but especially ph on test strips are hard for me to tell which color it actually matches up with.
  2. I have been having issues with PH drift. Bring down PH and the alk is low and then raise alk then PH drifts up. After reading countless threads and coming to the conclusion of just leaving alk low at 60 which I did not like I broke down and bought a bottle of a ph balance product that claims it will lock in PH for 3-4 months. If this type of product can perform that type of miracle then I am shocked that it is not pushed as more of product to purchase instead of re-balancing every week. So what is the catch with this type of products?