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  1. Just bought a 3-year old Pelican Bay hot tub, and assumed it would require 50A GFI (as have most of my previous tubs). Hooked it up last night, and heater would only work intermittidly--and then would flash a little 'wrench' symbol. Previous Owners did not provide the Owners Guide--so I looked it up today, and came to find out it should have a 60A panel---but provides a hook-up for 50A by using a 'jumper'. So my questions are this: 1. I didn't trip the 50A breaker, so is the 60A really needed--or do you think I can get away with using the jumper as detailed in the guide? 2. I'm used to heaters being 'constant' heat--and not going in cycles--so is this an Artesian thing, or do you think it is related to the 50A panel I'm using now? 3. Any idea what that little 'wrench' symbol is for--or is that again related to the 50A panel and/or heater? We filled it up last night around 9PM and water was 65-degrees...........woke up this morning at 7AM, and it only got up to 90-degrees. A little slow, but again possibly tied to the 50A panel, or not using the jumper as detailed in the guide. Please let me know your thoughts.