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  1. Hi, I have an outdoor endless pool 9000 litres It went cloudy after 6 months, the PH is fine, the chlorine levels are fine too I check every other day and top up as required. When it went cloudy I checked and washed the filter it is a PAP50 , then added flocc, with pump off the water is clear but I can see clouds of contaminate on the floor of the pool, If I try my pool wand it just moves the cloud about, the endlpool skimmer has no vacuum port like other pools. I chlorine shocked the pool but to zero effect How can I remove this stuff from the water, I have ordered a new filter cartridge. Thanks for any suggestions Rob
  2. Cool, where do you get Bifold covers from?
  3. The want £3K its a rip off and there ar no pros that I can find
  4. I have an outdoor above ground endless pool which is nearing completion, I am concerned about heat loss. The pool sits on a 20cm fibre reinforced slab and has 15cm of wall cavity insulation and 40 cm of brick all round. The pool is 5M x 2.5M 9000 litres which I would like to keep at 2- to 23 degrees all year round, I have a heat exchanger on my boiler and a 17Kw air heat pump . My issue is heat loss through the water surface so I need a cost effective lid, I can't find one that will fit and be easy to remove, is there a simple solution? Rob
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