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  1. Good afternoon. Back in June, my HotSprings Envoy KK went inoperative. At that time, it was no big deal, summertime it hardly gets used. Now that its fall, the cooler nights are coming. So Im looking at my tub. Heres what its doing: Nothing. Except intermittently flashing the panel light on the control panel (like a florescent light with a bad bulb). Ive pulled the control panels, inspected for signs of arcing, corrosion, cleaned my ground connections, and check both legs of my power at the tub. All Ive got is a flickering light (not an indicator, the one that lights the panel itself). I dont even have a power light on. Any ideas? Before it completely died on my, every once in a while it would do this, but a breaker reset would get it back online, and I still had lights, etc running. Help me out here, everybody!!