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  1. UPDATE: I was reading on this forum that the problem could be with a faulty pressure switch. I jumped the pressure switch on the IC2020 control board and the heater came right on. I guess my question is this. Is this a solution i can use going forward, or do i need to replace the whole heater? I dont think the pressure switch is something I can replace independently. Looks like you can replace the thermistors but not the pressure switch. Is t advisable to use this jumper solution? thx
  2. Hello, Looking for a little troubleshooting assistance for my 2010 HotSpring Jetsetter spa. This morning i noticed that my temperature had dropped from 100 to 90 degrees. Both the Ready and Power lights on the control panel are blinking in unison. I have tried resetting the spa numerous times by unplugging it and letting it sit for a few hours, same issue when i plug it in. I have removed the filters, run the pump to see if there was an airlock, but same thing. Filter are TriX and they are spotless so it is not a clogged filter. I have also run water through the grey standpipe to try and remove any air bubbles. My cir pump developed a crack last month and i replaced it at the time and all was working fine. The cir pump is running fine, the lights and the jets work, just no heat. Trying to determine if i need a new heater or another new part related to the heater. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much. jv
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