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  1. Greetings. We have a new Latham Gemini series tanning ledge for $2000. It's "Vega" blue at 18' 1" wide, 8' 10" front to back, and 10" deep with 2 spillways in the mold. The returns are standard position - in back, 1 on each side at 10 and 2 o'clock positions. It's unused and ready to ship at a considerable discount. Message me if interested. We're in IA/IL/WI area. -Aaron
  2. I've got a relatively cheap ohm meter, and not the "power windows" beep. But, basically, probes not touching yields an "L" on the screen by default, touching the probes together yields some changing numeric values (I was calling "flux" in the signal), and a "working" fuse that also has continuity also yields some numeric fluctuations (which I'm taking as "resistance") vs a non-working fuse (which also shows "L"). On another note, I think I found my issue based on your inquiry about the relay ("NO" labeled on the relay, btw). I hit the button for the malfunctioning jet, and then tapped on
  3. Well, the new pump installation works. Switched the leads, and it fired up. Squeaked a bit at first. But seems fine with no leaks. So, seems like some issue with the motherboard. I can hear the relay click. But, nothing after that.
  4. Different pump make and model. The new pump is a 230V Century 187624. Spa Pool Source has it as the replacement for the older 230V Theramax II 05225427-2 (which may still actually be functional).
  5. Thanks, Dave. I changed the wiring at the pump during replacement, and didn’t do anything at the board except check fuses. I checked the fuses by removing them, setting the meter for ohm/resistance, and checking for flux in the signal. Will try swapping the pump connections at the board to see if it’s board or pump issue.
  6. Thx. No. How would you do that? I have a relatively cheap but functional multimeter. Set on AC voltage and hook up to wires, and press the jet button? Or?
  7. I have a Sundance Majesta 880 that has 2 jet buttons running 2 single speed pumps. I hit the button for button for jet 2 and only hear a click from the motherboard. Jet 1 pump runs fine. I checked the fuses with an ohm meter and they all seemed to have resistance appropriately. I replaced pump 2 and still have the same result. I'm new with this, though; and after a few videos of how to check fuses thought I did that correctly. Does the click symptom sound like something anyone's familiar with?
  8. Greetings. I have Sundance Majesta that needs a replacement pump. The rubber mounts have torn and need replaced. They are just like these, which I've purchased 4 replacements as well. The threaded metal "bolt" isn't one piece. There is a top and bottom "bolt" with the thick rubber bushing between them. But, I can't seem to get the 4 old "stems" out of the wood floor (the rubber bushing and top bolt have broken off and been removed). Any suggestions on how to remove these old stems? Can't get enough "bite" from channel locks. I assume they just unscrew from another threaded metal piece pr
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