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  1. I jammed on the button hard enough and enough times that it eventually went down. Haven't touched it since. If it get touched by the kids or anyone else, I fear, I am done. I'd love to find a solution. Seems a reset should be possible. Of course nobody from Hotspring would look at these forums. If you find out, post the solution. Good luck
  2. No, there is no lock icon on. The down button just doesn't work and you would think they would make it so if you go all the way up, it would loop and start again on the low setting. Is there a battery on the board or something that can be pulled to remove the setting from memory? As I said, unplugging power isn't enough, unless there is a significant amount of time it needs to remain unplugged. Thanks
  3. I need to know if it is possible to reset the control panel. The temp got set to the max ut4 which is 107 and is too hot. The down button for temp doesn't work at all, but all other buttons work. Aside from replacing the control head which is difficult to find the old one that goes with the IQ2000, I want to know if I can reset to the 102 factory setting? Unplugging just remembers the last set temp but there but be some way to clear the memory. Thanks!
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