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  1. Sounds like a solid plan. Way more detailed and organized than I am. Keep us posted. I am a week in now and waiting for my strips. Pulled cover off this morning and she’s crystal clear.
  2. And maybe I was using the wrong term. I meant the little bubbler pump that stays running to oxygenate the water
  3. I read keep it under 100parts, but like I said. I’m sure it has dropped right out and still kept water clear. Checked yesterday and it was at 30 parts. I’m really happy with how well it’s done without even keeping up with it. Like set it and forget it mentality. I’m just doing this cycle to see the parameters I am working with. Like I’ve told people around my town, if they want to see my water and smell it just pop by. It really is the only way as far as I concerned.
  4. Do you have an ozonator in your tub? @Bobby A
  5. In the past I’ve only added once I do a drain. I did pick up 35% today and ordered strips. I’m going to keep a close eye on it and will post updates. I’ve never had cloudy but have had some skin looking like floaties. But I think that was from lack of filter rinse. I added one cup today and tested tonight and I was at 70parts h202. Had a tub and skin feels great! Crystal clear water and no smell at all! Oh I rinsed filter again today.
  6. Yea I’ve never actually used anything else with the h202, I do have a ozoneator but like I said 2 cup of 35% and I’m good. Just picked up some more today and ordered some strips and I’m going to see where I’m at and how long it actually lasts.
  7. Hey, new to the forum. I’ve had my hot tub for about 4 years and the last 2 of those years I’ve used 35% H202. A little beige for just going with what a friend does to his without reading up on it but it works fine for me. I add 2 cups after water change with a good cleaning and touch it up with a cup in the near future. That’s it. Water stays clear, no smell, no cloud, easy on skin, just have to rinse or swap filter every double months, other than that it’s seems to be perfect. I do get the little rubber floaters after a bit but a filter clean and a little net to catch at any surface and it’s fine. Don’t actually use strips or check water at all, just go by feel basically and have had no problems. Great thread for info BTW
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