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  1. I asked that question a while back and I decided to see for myself and ordered one (since Bestway/SaluSpa provides no real option). The verdict: It's a rough fit in it's stock form (I used no modifications) on the heat output but it will fit if you press firmly and twist a few times. The good news is that the vent behind the light that is designed for heat dispersal works well and the flow is clearly not blocked, so for those with the Miami who are looking for a cost effective lighting solution for your tub, you can go with this for $28-$29 shipped from Amazon. Here are a couple of vids of it in action in my Lay-Z-Spa Miami:
  2. I have considered these plug and play 110 models, but quite frankly, I just don't use my tub enough to justify more than the $300 that I spent on my Bestway Miami inflatable tub. These would be better suited for winter use. I am also on my 3rd season with my inflatable so, it's doing pretty well.
  3. Jesterrace

    Black mold

    Distilled white vinegar/water mix could work or you could try a water/bromine or chlorine mix. One of the most effective methods I have found for cleaning the inside of the tub is to run the tub with a stronger bromine mix with the bubblejet running. It's not the most recommended method but you could leave the cover on, just slightly off center and unclipped and run the bubble jet. I have done that a few times and it seems to work pretty well. Strips all the nasties off and leaves them in the bottom of the tub where they can be removed.
  4. Jesterrace

    Lay-z spa Miami air just disappears

    You ran it for 3 seasons with that? I am impressed. Usually once the structural integrity of an inflatable tub or pool is compromised it's on borrowed time. I am on my 3rd season with my miami as well. I did a review of it on my Youtube channel.
  5. Jesterrace

    Lay-z spa Miami air just disappears

    Unless I am missing something here, that tub has a huge hole in the exterior layer (according to the last picture). If that is indeed a hole then I would say the tub's life is over. Given that the tub is $300 new (or less) it might be time to just replace it.
  6. Jesterrace

    Bargain or nightmare

    Given the age of the tub and the amount that the thing will cost you to get it setup, I would say pass unless you got the tub itself for nearly free. There are just too many variables with a hot tub to spend that kind of money on a tub that has likely reached the age where a major overall of it's components is needed.
  7. Jesterrace

    Gazebo or open air

    I would strongly suggest some form of covering for your tub (especially if it's inflatable) for multiple reasons: 1) As you pointed out it provides shelter. I have my Bestway Miami inflatable tub in a screen room and one of my favorite things to do is go out there during spring showers as you get the nice cool ambient rain breeze combined with the warmth of the tub and it provides the perfect mix for relaxation IMHO. Surprisingly because of how my screen room is positioned I don't think I have ever gotten an actual rain drop on me. 2) If you have an inflatable tub (or even a regular one), the hot summer sun can be every bit as hard on a tub as freezing temperatures and direct exposure for several weeks can greatly shorten the life of the pump and the tub. 3) It helps keep dust, debris, etc. out of your tub and as mentioned is easier on bromine levels
  8. Jesterrace

    Best Inflatable Spa (hot tub)

    As a guy who is on his 3rd season with his Lay-Z-Spa Miami inflatable tub, I can say that a lot of the issues are all in how you use your tub. I admit I don't use mine daily, but I do run the pump/filtration pretty much every day on this tub. First and Foremost are that people don't understand that both extreme heat and cold severely affect the life of these things. They really weren't designed to be used in freezing temperatures (they actually say they are not designed to be run below about 40 degrees F) and putting one out in 90 plus degree temps in the direct blazing sun for weeks on end will affect the life of anything inflatable. A tub that is kept under some form of roof or shelter (ie covered patio, screen room, etc.) will greatly prolong the life of the tub, even in triple digit heat. Second is regular maintenance (ie changing filters after every use, draining and refilling the tub every 4-6 weeks). Many people also don't understand that these are not like regular hot tubs, where you can just crank up the heat and it will be ready to go in an hour or two. From the standard low 60 degree temps of tap water to fully heated (104 degrees for 110-115 tubs) it takes 20-24 hours to fully warm up. Keep in mind that you are essentially pumping water through a 1300-1500 watt space heater and it warms up by about 2 degrees per hour. The heat will not run at the same time as the bubbles (you need a 220 tub for that) but if you crank it up to 104 and spend some time sitting in the still hot tub before turning on the bubbles most can still get what they want out of it. It certainly doesn't cool off as fast as those cheezy bathtub bubble mats (go from boiling hot to cold in about 15-20 minutes). I actually did a 2 part review of my tub on youtube this season:
  9. Jesterrace

    Inflatable hot tub problem

    MSpa tends to overcharge for the quality that they produce. Obviously no inflatable hot tub is ultra durable but the Lay-Z-Spa tubs (ie Bestway, Saluspa, Coleman) seem to be the best overall for the money. I am on my 3rd season with my Lay-Z-Spa miami and I keep it in a seasonal screen room and set it up about mid April and take it down about mid October. For $300 or less it is hard to beat for the money. I did a review of it on my Youtube channel: