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  1. Embarrassing following question! Got my parts and went to put everything back together but unsure of which tube goes to which side of heater. One side is labeled inlet and the other outlet. Stupid me should have snapped some pics before disassembling. I would assume the flow from the circ pump would go to the inlet or does flow not matter here?
  2. Looking for the end cap currently. My apologies for digging up this old thread. Are you still selling these?
  3. Recently purchased a used Hot Spring Hot Tub. Sellers disclosed that the tech which did the troubleshooting said the circulatory pump and heating element need replaced. Water is visibly leaking out of both locations and the end cap on the element is blown off (freeze damage?) Should I invest in a replacement end cap or just go for the whole element unit? And if I were to replace the whole unit, how would I know how to purchase the correct replacement part? The circulatory pump was the easy part. Just want to be sure on the element. Pics below for reference purposes.
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