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  1. I am down to the Marquis Euphoria, Hot Springs Grandee, or Caldera Niagra. I am looking for a 7-person tub, reliable company with good reputation, strong therapeutic jets, good shoulder and neck jets. We live in Michigan so I need a tub well insulated to keep cost of use down. My wife really like the foot jets so that would be nice. We are a family of 6 with 10, 12, one 13 year olds. Wet tested all of them but am not coming up with a clear winner. Each of these dealers seems reputable and services the unit themselves. Any help appreciated. Also, how can I find out what a good price is for all of these different models. I am getting $13,500 for the Euphoria, about the same for the Grandee. I don't have any frame of reference to know what is a good price.
  2. I have been shopping for a hot tub, and I am simply overwhelmed with all of the information, and finding it hard to get information from someone who does not have skin in the game. Everyone has the best hot tub according to them. I am looking for a 7 person tub for a family of 6, I do not want a lounge chair, and prefer a tub with strong jet or therapeutic use, must have good foot jets. Naturally I would like a spa with good reliability. Price is not a huge factor, but I would like a good bang for my buck. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so I need a tub that is well insulated. In the area I have Master, Bullfrog, Caldera, Hot Springs, Sandance, Nordic, and Marquis. Based on research so far, I like the Marquis Euphoria, but I have not wet-tested any tubs yet. Could I get some input or recommendations for a tub that would fit this description and some reasons why you would recommend? Appreciate any information to help me wade through all the information to help make a decision. Tubs I have been looking at have been running $12K-$13.5K.
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