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  1. UPDATE: took time to get everything ready for a refill, lots of brittle plastic around heater, but plenty of plastic weld and sealant finally got a seal. As I refilled I made sure I sure directed the hose into every nozzle, jet etc to make sure no air locks. Checked all connections, turned on and its all come to life, now just need to wait to see it heater works, fingers crossed (did check resistance and seemed ok)
  2. Thanks, when I turn the power on, circulation pump starts fine, but controls won't let me select any option, then the screen goes to sleep??? I am going to drain and take the heater out and get it tested, I will also check circulation pump and any blockages.
  3. Update: discounted power to heater, power light has stopped flashing, no ready light (not lit or flashing) controls do no operate. Assuming heater had failed, however concerned can't get controls / jets to work?
  4. Should have said its about 10-12 years old, has the no fault heater
  5. Hi all. I have a Hot Springs.Grandee, following a house move its been sat on the drive, empty for 24 months, renovations finished so finally got into its new location. Filled as had previously, turned on, circulation pump started, lots of bubbles, within 60seconds both green ready light and blue power light start flashing. No controls work, thought maybe block filter, removed and reset, same issue. Thought made air lock, hose down 'grey' inlet, reset, same issue. Remove sensors from heater, plenty of water flowing, reset, same, both lights flashing. Any ideas? Thanks in advance Rob
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