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    Hi My vita spa number 1 button or circulation pump is not working properly before when you pressed once it started slowly and when pressed the second time it fired up! but now the second press it still comes out but much slower? Could this be a block somewhere or pump on way oOT Thanks in advance
  2. I think I have found the fault once the filter cycle starts it should only use jet 1 but a few minutes into the cycle it starts jet 2 as well and the cycle goes for 2 hrs at a time so I think it’s overheating and switching off but I can just press jet 2 off and it runs fine! So wondering if anybody knows of this fault and what to do Many thanks
  3. I have a vita spa and been working great but lately the tub loses all power nothing works then some hrs later it comes on and everything works ? But then goes off again nothing has tripped! I have checked all connections in and out side tub and all fine so looses all power and nothing works panel off but then does come on again ? any help appreciated