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  1. I currently use Bromine in the tub, can I maintain the level using Bromine or do I need to use chlorine? i will try the Ahh-Some,... Ridiculous that the 5 gallon recommendation came from a tech at Sundance....
  2. I contacted Sundance a couple of times this past week, one tech I spoke to told me to never under any circumstances use bleach. I called the next day and a different tech sent me steps on how to use bleach, she sent me the following: · Remove filter and pillows and make sure there is no debris in the spa. · Fill the spa slightly higher than the highest jet in the spa – 2” to 3” inches. · Ensure the air controls are open. · Make sure the diverter valves are in combo and that the waterfall valve is in the middle position – water should be coming out at half the volume of normal open operation. · Add 5 gallons of chlorine bleach · Run everything for 20 minutes · Then let the spa sit for 10 minutes · Repeat six times · Drain and refill · Install a new filter That seems like A LOT of bleach, 5 gallons??? My hot tub is 410 gallons. As opposed to Nitro's procedure where you're adding this much: · Add 50 ppm FC using Regular Clorox 6% Unscented Bleach. That's approx. 1/4 gal (32 oz) per 350 gal tub. Should I just follow Nitro's recommendation instead?
  3. I was planning on using Nitro's Decontamination procedure but I'm reading mixed things about bleach being safe to use......
  4. I've seen this yellow gunk around the water line before, usually shows up when the jets are running then seems to disapear. I've only had the hot tub for about 6 months, I add bromine and shock once a week. Last night I decided to completely empty the hot tub so I added half the bottle of Sea Klear System Flush, let the jets run for about 30 minutes, emptied the hot tub and scrubbed down the shell. Rinsed inside with the hose, emptied out what I could again using a pump. Then I added fresh water, turned the hot tub back on, started the jets and saw all this junk again. Anyone know what this is? Since I already emptied and started with fresh water, how am I supposed to get rid of this? Thank you...
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