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  1. THey are out of the spa. SO, I have done a test (actually numerous tests). I removed the wires from the installed element - the rest of the system works this way. I then took one of the "spare" elements and connected it to the wires from the spa pack. The spare is setting on the ground on a piece of wood. I turned it on and the system functioned as it should. The element got hot fairly quickly and I turned it off before I started a fire. In summary, the element heats as it should and the system controls functions as it should - only when the element is not in the water tube. So once it is installed it trips immediately. Is there a ground missing or something?
  2. Nothing special, I have a feeling it may be something in the board.
  3. Hi new member here. I have an old Leisure Bay Spa with a Balboa control box & heater. It is a 10" 4kw element that I am running at 120v - so it is 1kw. I am having issues with the GFCI cutting out. I replaced the element and it ran fine all night (the other day). In the morning it died and the temps were about 97°ish I 1 day fast shipped a Amazon element and switched it out last evening. This time it worked all night and when I got home it was dead again, also 97° ish My heater collection ohm readings are 15.3, 14.2, and 16.6. Would NEW elements go bad in less than 24hrs use? PLEASE HELP!