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    Jacuzzi Buyers Beware The Jacuzzi J375 is no where near worth the $13K paid The diverter switches fall off The panels warped Gaskets fell off and I have no idea where they go The $13K unit does not even come with a pump to empty the tank (you can get one for under $100 on amazon - way to go Jacuzzi) The clips to hold the filter are sharp and brittle - I cut my hand and arm when I try to clean this thing I would highly advise looking at other tubs Oh, the Jacuzzi "customer sat" manager will call and tell you why your complaints are valid if you post anything that is not flattering - as opposed to providing customer satisfaction by solving problems This reviews on the dealer site in my area are fake (like 20 written on July 28, 2017 Signed - Beware of Buying Jacuzzi