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    Flashing FL2 error

    Hi There. I'm new to the forum and wanted to post something for some troubleshooting help. I bought a used 2008 Jacuzzi J335 about a year ago. It was in sweet condition when I bought it and since I've had it I've had to replace the temperature sensor and recently had to replace the circ pump. I'm seeing some strange behavior though. Since replacing the circ pump I'm seeing a flashing FL2 error on the panel. Strange thing is that this ONLY happens when the temperature is 102 or higher. If I lower the temp down to 100 I never see the error.. as soon as it hits 102 the error comes back. When the error is there everything in the tub still functions.. both main pumps, the circ pump and the heater all still work. Has anyone ever seen something like this? I could just replace the flow switch but I wondered if there might be something else going on. Thanks for any help. Ken