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    Coleman SaluSpa

    FYI, They sell a camping water filter at Walmart for under $20 that you can attach to your garden hose and will filter the water before it gets in your tub.
  2. rftsr

    Dr Wellness Tranquility spas

    They have a really bad reputation on this site and others. Better to spend your money almost anywhere else. Sorry.
  3. Great info re biofilms...they are gross to say the least.
  4. I never had much luck with Bromine. Dichlor granules are much more effective for me. A couple tbls. to shock and a teaspoon or so after use. I also use a Nature2 Mineral Cartridge and an enzyme product, Spa Perfect, that reduces chlorine smell and conditions the water. Oh and a scum bug once it is clean will help keep the oils collected. Just be sure to rinse it out a couple times a week...it will last a long time and surprisingly works very well.
  5. I use Nitro's Dichlor and Bleach method and it's a breeze! Just make sure you use regular plain Chlorox and not the splashless. I used that once and Foam City. I've also used AHH-SOME on and older tub and you wouldn't believe the gunk that came out. It was really super clean after.
  6. It's a biofilm which is a cluster of bacteria that is hard to kill and lurking deep in the plumbing. Really gross and a bit unsafe as clusters of bad bacteria would be. You can use a product called AHH-SOME which will clean it ALL from the interior pipes. This does not happen if spa is maintained chemically with sanitizers. I would switch to Dichlor instead of Bromine and shock once every 2 weeks at least and change your filter every week. This has happened to many who think they are properly sanitizing but are not, so don't feel bad.
  7. rftsr

    Garden leisure spa series help

    Look up geckokeypads on Google and they will have a manual if you look at their website.
  8. Time to give a quick review of my new Viking tub. I bought it though Wayfair and Cyanna Valley branded but confirmed it's a Viking spa before purchasing. OK so I bought a tub off the internet (Hydrospa) many years ago and had a great experience. And my Vita spa dealer went belly up so as important as dealer support is I chose to use Wayfair and it was a great experience. The spa comes with Viking's standard warranty which is fine. I went into this purchase looking for value having research rotomolds and other options and The Viking 3 fit the bill. 240V hookup and middle end spa I know but I love the shell, almost pearl like and smooth. The jets run off a 4 hp pump and it moves the 250 gallons for real hydrotherapy. I figured Viking started making these in the 70s so they must have figured it out by now and I'm glad to say they did. After discount I paid @ $2,400 delivered so I think the value is obvious. Cheers! So happy to be back enjoying Hot Tub Life. Pics are of delivered tub, after install and my view, including my trusty bird Max...LOL~https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ik3zrfblIC-qhhRDeqBaZXsknlqY4KZchttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1cOo-xwjy5bZKM3TumCAT5Xtud5z7VNhBhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1SI9PP-bBFIp3rINQIP4p8Y0onWPU9tuthttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1eFsLkeZqWHro-0_Kh3vXWj34TZvLkJxv
  9. rftsr

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    Chasing leaks in a old full foam tub is the worst. Ditch it and get a new one. You can get a good mid level tub for under 3k...Nordic or Viking. Not being handy and having gone through the same its just not worth it IMO.
  10. rftsr

    Cheapie Rotomold options

    Hey! I just got a Cyanna Valley Spa through Wayfair for under $2500. It's a round Viking spa and a big step up from any Rotomold. Viking makes a super value mid level spa and it has a huge whirlpool jet for additional therapy. They have been in business over 32 years. I've had hot tubs for over twenty years and this is the best value I've ever come across. I tried 2 used Dreammakers but they are leak machines when you move them and no repair person wants to deal with full foam. My 2 cents..good luck! PS it comes with a super powerful 4 hp pump which moves the 250 gallons amazingly.