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  1. alaska_guy

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    It's been a while since my last update. The tub is working great and I enjoy using it quite often, especially in the winter months.
  2. White is also more than likely due to mineral buildup/scale. If you are not using a water purifier/filter on your garden hose when filling up the tub I would look into doing that. They are cheap and reusable ($13).
  3. alaska_guy

    hot tub wiring advice 220 to 110?

    What you are doing sounds like it may work... No way is it to code or safe. You should invest in the correct equipment. Spend a few minutes watching the video below. Using the method below with your 110v tub would be as easy as connecting to the 15a breaker.
  4. alaska_guy

    hot tub wiring advice 220 to 110?

    Lets keep things simple. 220v = Two wires, Black and Red. 110v on the Black, 110v on the Red. To convert or move to a 110v circuit you simply only use either the black or the red on the circuit breaker. IE: 15A circuit requires a black and a white or a red and a white. The grounds always go to ground. If you had two 15a or 20a circuits you would have the following. Red wire would go into the circuit breaker and the white wire would tie to the GFCI pigtail off that breaker. (Usually the GFCI breakers have a white pigtail and that ties to the neutral bus bar). Black wire would go into the circuit breaker and the white would tie to the GFCI pigtail off that breaker. (Usually the GFCI breakers have a white pigtail and that ties to the neutral bus bar). The ground wire goes to the ground bus bar. By code any wet location is required to be GFCI protected. So you need your new breakers to be GFCI type. Hopefully that helps, I am a former electrician.
  5. alaska_guy

    Hotsprings spa...dead.

    Sounds like the main board is bad. 120v controls the pumps, lights and control panel. The 220v controls the heater. I would pony up and contact a dealer and get the part ordered ASAP. We just got our first snow here and if the tub went cold for whatever reason the tub would be worthless come spring.
  6. alaska_guy

    Hot Springs problems ! Please help

    Controls are run off 120v Here is a video I did explaining how to test your control panel and jets on a Hot Springs. My understanding is that the heater element is ran using the 240v.
  7. alaska_guy

    Replacement High Current GFCI

    Usually most tubs require a 50amp double pull breaker from your existing inside panel. 6 gauge wire is usually used to feed this breaker and wired to run to your hot tub. This then feeds a disconnect box on the outside of your house. Depending how your tub runs, you typically have a 30amp 240v GFCI breaker inside and then usually a 20amp GFCI breaker for the 120v side. The disconnect needs to be 5' min away from the closest water part of the tub for safety and to meet code. The easiest method, but not to code would be below.... It sounds like you already have a 240v direct line and were using a plug to go into a 120v GFCI. What I would suggest is buying a spa disconnect box, wire your 240v into it with the correct sized breaker. If the cable is not long enough you could use a metal box and conduit to extend the wires to the location needed. I would then suggest plugging your 120v side of your tub into a regular 120v GFCI if you already have one close by and that's how your tub is setup. This would keep you safe. I used to be a commercial electrician before switching trades a few years back. The second method saves you about $50 and some time. The first method is the ideal method and meets code.
  8. alaska_guy

    Hot springs Grande tripping 30a gfci

    I would go to lowes or home depot and buy a bigger breaker IE: 50amp GFCI or whatever they carry and see if after replacing the 30Amp with a larger breaker if the problem still persist. If the problem is still there that means you are leaking voltage somewhere. IE: GFCI's work pretty simple. Voltage in to tub needs to come back out and be seen on the white wire to the GFCI breaker. If there is a difference in voltage the breaker trips. If it does not trip the 50Amp breaker then that tells me its not a GFCI issue with the voltage but something else drawing too much current.
  9. alaska_guy

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    Just wanted to post an update. Those with motomassage jets, you can use the $45 motomassage jets part number #77242. Should save you guys some cash.
  10. alaska_guy

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    Well after a few days of cleaning and draining I was able to take my first soak this morning. For such a little tub, the jets are POWERFUL. I had to turn the air setting down as these things can blast you out. Never owning a hot tub before (I have been in a few friends tubs) I found one problem with this tub as I was soaking. The motojet's push air but they do not go up/down. I assume I need new spines? I replaced the piece of pipe with the oring in between the two spines. I was unable to turn the jet rings to lower the power of the jets on individual seats (I will have service tech show me when he is here). Here are the quirks I found. This tub is small. 2 adults MAX. I am 6' and the only seat that fits really well is the seat next to the lounger with the motojet. Unfortunately this seats jets are pretty weak. The rest you are just sunken too far down in the tub and the chlorine from the tub gets overwhelming with the jets on and you have to move to the taller seat after 5-10 minutes. Pros: This tub seems well built and insulated. Great little tub with a powerful jet system! Super easy to use even for a novice like me. The foot jet in the lounger is AWESOME! Cons: Seats are not all that comfortable and due to the height when in the seats vs tub surround isn't ideal for long periods of time with the jets running as it creates a bunch of chlorine/steam. There is no jet for therapeutic massage for hamstrings, butt, calves etc. (If they would have placed a big jet in the center you could at least hover over it and get the offending sore muscle/muscles). If I get another tub in the future this is going to be a MUST. Seemed none of the jets would get anywhere near my upper back without soaking the back of my neck in the water and slouching and even then it was sub par at best. The smaller jets seemed to be less therapeutic and more of a jet stream (great initially, bad for long time soaking). All in all its a good bang for the buck tub, however if I paid MSRP for this tub I would have had buyers remorse. What I would change or suggest to someone looking for their first hot tub... WET TEST! I know I am probably not the only self conscious person out there that doesn't want to wet test a bunch of tubs. But if your buying this for its therapeutic purposes you NEED to wet test! I know if I go to purchase a new tub I will be wet testing. If you still don't want to wet test, this would be my suggestion. Sit in a few tubs dry and find where your head is relative to the water level if it was full. I would want almost a foot above the water line so I could rest my arms on the tub surround comfortably. This would be ideal for me and I imagine most people. I would also be looking for a tub that has a big center jet so I could get my calves, hamstrings, butt etc. I would look for a tub with calf jets. Am I happy with this "free" hot tub ($1000 into it when all said and done). I sure am!
  11. alaska_guy

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    Here is my latest video. Super excited to finally get it warmed up and running properly in its home.
  12. alaska_guy

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    Knowing nothing about spa chemicals... Is this a good deal? I basically am starting from ground zero and need items to get my tub up to speed. https://anchorage.craigslist.org/hsh/d/spa-care-kit/6600846157.html
  13. alaska_guy

    Looking to buy my first hot tub.

    Here is the latest video of my progress. Getting there!
  14. alaska_guy

    Hot Springs Jetsetter no power

    I would look on the back of your control panel for any obvious burn marks on the board (black). I would check fuses to verify they are ok, also check for bad solder joints etc. If you have already done all that someone more knowledgeable than myself about the spa would have to chime in.
  15. alaska_guy

    Time to buy a hot tub!!!

    For your price range you could look at Hot Springs Hot Tubs. I was quoted $10,000 from my dealer for a CALDERA Paradise Martinique. Comes with lift cover, ozonator etc. https://www.calderaspas.com/shop/paradise/martinique If I was looking into a tub I think I would be looking into a bullfrog if you can find a dealer. They are packed with jets. https://www.bullfrogspas.com/spas/ As I have found already, the dealer will really make or break your decision after ownership. I have a used tub that I fixed and after multiple calls and explanations of them being 2 months out on service I wouldn't go through this dealer to buy a tub. Who waits 2 months to get service? My advice would be to call the dealer you are interested in going with a tub and then ask for some bogus service... IE: My tub leaks, how long would it take to get you to look at it? See what their response is. I LOVED the sales people at the local spa place, but their service center seems lacking.