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    Time to buy a hot tub!!!

    I have been reading over this board to help me figure how what path to take to have a hot tub installed and one of the main takeaways I got was don't cheap out. That you will pay for it one way or another but that one of those way involves a continually working hot tub! My budget is $5K-$9K. We need it for pain relief mostly. I would like it to have a lounger. I would like chemical system that doesn't require a lot of work and is easy on the skin. (We have a backyard pool so I'm not afraid of dealing with chemicals.) I would like a good cover and a lift for it. The more jets the better and the stronger the better. For the most part, only my husband and I will be using the tub. He likes lower back massage. I like neck massage. We are in North Carolina. We have only ever wet tested one tub which was Sundance Spa at the local pool/spa place that also sells inground and above ground pools. That was about 2 years ago and the price tag was over $20K. I felt that things there were a bit overpriced. I truly wish I could just buy one of the costco tubs online and call it a day but I know it won't be that easy. I also know that I will have probably have to get a dedicated electrical to feed it. I had to do the for my pool pump too. Questions: What do you all think about the tubs sold by Costco? What do you think about refurbished tubs that are sold by dealers? What brands do you think I should be looking at for that price range for our needs? Thank-you!