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  1. To me there is also value that the Flair comes with an indicator light to let you know if there is power to the tub (blue) and if the spa is within 2 degrees of the set temp (green). Flashing green means there is a problem. It is nice to be able to look out the window to see that everything is working!
  2. We had purchased the Relay 3-4 weeks ago but had not had it delivered yet. In talking to the owner we were standing by the Flair and he mentioned how much more insulation was in it compared to the Relay. I also wanted the 24 hr circulation pump with an Ozinator. To me that is too important to go without and it bothered me that we were buying one without. To have the water circulating when its 40 degrees below zero with the heater running is something I had for 20 years and feel its important. There is no option for that pump on the Relay. We decided to upgrade! Once we had it home I realized that the 3 pump speeds (pump 1 low & high, pump 2 high) along with the diverter valve to control the jets really added to our options on water flow. The jets are nice! I believe there are more/better?? We love it and are very happy we upgraded. Ours came with speakers factory installed but not hooked up. We always said we never would want to listen to music but I tried an experiment and brought out a portable speaker. We stayed 2x longer than normal! I ordered the dealer installed stereo w/bluetooth & subwoofer. They came out and put it in. WOW! It is amazing! (also very expensive). The warrantee is longer, the tub itself weighs 10% more than the Relay but holds 10% less water so that tells you that there must be more insulation stuffed in it. I will pay for the upgrade just on energy savings over time..
  3. My guess is you have the wrong ozone injector. They are color coaded acording to flow rate and bubble size. You need to use the Black one if you truely have a silent flow pump. The Red one is not for the low flow rate of your silent flow pump it is for the low speed of the larger Pump 1. I was told that you couldnt put a silent flow pump on a Relay?? I would also question how they put installed it because it is not listed as an option on that model for some reason.
  4. I had the exact same hot tub.. Mine was leaking around one of the glue joints where the pipe (hose) is glued into the manifold. I was able to fix it. First remove all the water from the spa. You will need to buy some Christy's Wet or Dry PVC cement. You will also need some PVC pipe cleaner. Tape all the jets with any kind of tape to seal them.. Remove the diverter valve. Take a vacuume and place it in the top of the diverter valve hole.. Tape around the nozzel to seal it so air doesnt leak when you turn it on. When you turn on your vacuume put the PVC pipe cleaner around the glue joints and it will get sucked into the leaking spot. (If you use the colored cleaner you can shut off the vaccume, remove the hose and check to see if it got pulled into the valve control then you will be sure you found where the leake was). I did mine a few times until I was sure it was coated all around it, then put the Wet or Dry around it and imeadiately shut off the vacuume. The PVC cleaner is more important than tne glue because it softens up the plastic to make the glue stick! The glue will harden within 3 hrs then you can refill and test it. Now the hard part is getting to the leaking fitting.. I actually had to cut/remove the front to gain enough access. Good Luck!
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