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  1. That smooth barb is called a bleed line fitting and has to be installed in the reducer by drilling with a 19/64" drill bit. The part number is 30598 and is used in preventing an "air lock" and burning up the heater and/or circulation pump and to help water to drain out of equipment when emptying the spa. Mine was plugged - maybe that's why it cracked due to freezing.
  2. We bought a house in South Dakota that had this Bengal Hot Tub. It worked fine for 5 years. Last year we spent the winter in warmer latitudes so we decided to leave it empty. Drained it and used a shop vac to suck out any remaining water. Filled it back up in May and noticed that it was leaking. Tried using that spa stop-leak stuff - didn't work. Using a car screw-jack, jack stands and a few blocks of wood, I stood it up on its' side. Found an old repair site and dug through the foam. Couldn't find a crack so I made a couple of repairs where I found hardened stop-leak. That wasn't it. I shot water though the nearest jet to find the crack in the check-valve and both fittings. Now, my question is - What's that fitting on the right? Notice the smooth barb on the bottom. A 1/4" line was connected to it. Looking inside the fitting it looks like a small patch was glued over the hole. Maybe it was debris but it's firmly attached. What's that line for? Looks like an air line to me. But no check valve and there was no water in the 1/4" line. And I can't find a matching pvc fitting anywhere. It's 2" x 1.5" x 1.5" x 1/4". I also had to replace most of the rotted base and corners with treated wood. I'll also have to come up with something to replace the siding that I removed. It didn't come off easily and broke in several places. I also replaced the o-rings on all but the mini-jets.
  3. Mike, are you still around? I, too, need a plumbing diagram for my leaking Bengal.
  4. To answer my own question… There are two tabs inside this jet face that if pried up slightly, you can then turn the face counter-clockwise a quarter turn to remove it from the spa. You can see one of the tabs in the pic. Getting to both tabs at the same time without breaking them is another puzzle.
  5. How does one remove the Jet Face (#2 in diagram)???? Directions say… Remove the jet by grasping the jet faceplate and pulling it away from the spa shell. With jet in hand, two o-rings should be on the rear portion of the faceplate. If either o-ring is not present, inspect the inside of the front wallfitting and remove the missing o-ring. To reinstall the jet, reverse steps 1 to 3.Important: Make sure that the o-rings are properly seated. It rotates cw and ccw and comes to a dead stop, but it won't pull out. I tried prying it off with a plastic panel remover with no luck. I have a leak there and need to remove the body to make a clean repair. I also want to change-out all the o-rings in this 20 yr old tub. 1998 Hot Spring/Tiger River Bengal® Model M
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