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  1. It’s quite poor! I said this but as my tub was 3 years old they didn’t offer me anything. However, I was told it’s not that common 🤔! I have upgraded to a Hawaii air jet pro. Was on offer a few months ago. A much better spa, and there is no non-return valve to break! From what I can work out It uses air pressure to stop the water flow. Flad you’ve had a result!!!!
  2. I contacted the manufacturer and they said that this was very rare! Ended up selling my broken and buying a new one!
  3. No, I never did. But after some research I found that there is a rubber non return valve inside the tube that dislodged resulting in the water flowing out of the a tube. I found the valve in the bubble skirt, right at the end on the skirt. I moved it all the way back and yes to reattach to no avail. I ended up selling the tub as faulty and buying a new one. Brought the Hawaii Hydrojet pro. They’ve rethought the system and there is t the valve any more. When I contacted lay-z-spa they said it was very uncommon for their spas to fail. I would contact them and complain, as this is clearly a commo
  4. Hi, Looking for some help from from Lay-z-spa owners. I have 2 year old vegas and there is water leaking from the bottom of the pump. It isn't flooding out, but enough to make it noticeable with the water level in the tub. My first question is, should water be flowing out of the tub through the air tube, tube A?? When I tried removed the pump to have a look at it, a lot of water came out of the air pump tube. Nothing came out of the water tubes A & B, as I blanked them off from inside the tub. I'm wondering if this is part of the problem. Is this normal? I took the pump apa
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