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  1. Quick follow up on this: New Circ pump installed, in general all things back to normal. Watchdog error gone. One caveat: I do still get an occasional FL2 error but it's in a very specific situation and I believe it may be intended. My FL2 error only occurs when the circ pump ( or circ pump/heater combination) turns off. My understanding is that the circ pump would only turn off when the unit goes into "Summer Logic" mode ( where ambient temp is such that no additional heating is needed). I live in Phx, and many months of the year it's warm enough that Summer Logic mode might be triggered. Nothing on the display says this explicitly...but I'm guessing this is what accounts for the occasional observation that the circ pump has shut down. It's definitely the exception; most of the time when I check on it, it is running. FL2 only shows when it is not running...and in fact the flow switch is indeed open ( hence the notification). So unless I'm reading that situation incorrectly, I believe everything is working as it should. New pump is much quieter, barely know it's on. All in all, quite happy having my spa back. Dave, much appreciated all the help with this. I promise to pay if forward with some other lost soul in my chosen field...I'll help someone out through their crisis as you did here. This place is awesome!!
  2. Dave- Thanks again for the walk-through. I did a fair amount of research on watchdog errors and it did seem like my situation didn't match up exactly with others I read about. Maybe the possibility of multiple components being in play would explain that. Either way, yes I ordered the circ pump and should have it in a few days. BTW, yes I will heed all safety warnings here and would caution others reading this in the future to do same. I work in audio and do a fair amount of wiring and troubleshooting in my wheelhouse but I usually default back to being pretty cautious when I'm out of my field. At any point I ever feel I'm in too deep I'm never opposed to calling the expert to finish the job ( someone like you, but in Phx AZ : ) ) Will update when circ pump arrives so others who happen upon this thread will have closure
  3. Ah, that makes perfect sense ( and you're explaining it brilliantly..thank you) I did that test as well: 3. Now, twist together the two ends of the wire connected to the circuit board. On power up, you should get an FLO error (YES) If you do, and the heater doesn't turn on, your flo switch is bad. If the heater still turns on (Yes it does), you have a circuit board problem in addition to your circ pump problem. Strange coincidence, but the circuit board isn't supposed to allow the heater to turn on if there's no flow. So... When the circuit board thinks the Flow Switch is closed by twisting leads together: Startup>FLO Error>Heater ON> OH Error>Watchdog (Circ Pump making no sound)
  4. Really appreciate the help navigating this. This place is awesome! So I tried to follow all steps exactly; was a bit unclear on Test 3. If I did this last one incorrectly, I will re-do as needed. Test 1. power up the spa with the two leads separated. You should get an FLO error . If so, that's good. (YES FLO Error) Test 2: With the power still on, twist the wires together. The FLO message should go away (YES)and the heater should turn on(YES). Since there's no water flo, it will overheat(YES). Power down the hot tub. Your flo switch was most likely bad, because you have just performed the same action that a normally operating flo switch does and the spa reacted properly. 3. Now, twist together the two ends of the wire connected to the circuit board. On power up, you should get an FLO error. If you do, and the heater doesn't turn on, your flo switch is bad. If the heater still turns on, you have a circuit board problem in addition to your circ pump problem. Strange coincidence, but the circuit board isn't supposed to allow the heater to turn on if there's no flow. (unclear on wording here; taken literally it would appear to be the same as Test 2? ) Wondering if you meant I should re-connect the Flow Switch again in its normal state? If so test results: Power Up> Heater On-YES> FLO Error> YES after approx 20 seconds, not immediately> watchdog shutoff. So does this suggest: Bad Circ Pump, possibly bad Flo Switch and circuit board? That would really be an unfortunate series of events Thanks again for the walk through. You're being very generous with your time..it's much appreciated!
  5. I'm not sure my tests were telling of anything. Spliced into the Flow Switch wire and upon power up, reading would eventually ramp up to 12v but would fluctuate wildly..often above 12v ( not sure how that's possible, maybe my meter is bad...) Circ pump never comes on; just a series of repeating 2 second "grunts" as though it's trying to come on. The tests are shorter now; watchdog error is usually kicking in within a minute...used to go longer than that. Metal heating element is scalding hot to the touch. Tried freeing the hi-limit sensor. I had to abandon the test as I touched the flow switch and it was VERY hot to the touch and still didn't look like it was fully closed. Actually not even close with a half inch of space before making contact with the middle element. Fingers close to heater tube and it again felt scalding hot. Turned tub off. Fairly confused at this point. I never hear the circ pump ever fully come on, but all the error codes and behavior don't cleanly point to any one particular problem. Found a fairly inexpensive replacement pump ( same exact model) online so I may just swap that out anyway. It's been noisy for over a year and looks original. Flow and Temp sensor are recently new so I may just begin replacing old parts until I solve this. Feeling like I'm chasing my tail now
  6. Thanks..that gives me a few things to test. You wrote: Accidentally touched it once or twice during these tests and it was WAY too hot to touch...let out a pretty good YELP. Thanks for the info. Will work through your tests and report back!
  7. Dave- Thanks for the reply. Your description helps me understand what I'm seeing. On closer observation: When I turn unit on, circ pump makes a series of intermittent groans and clicks, but never gets past that. I see short bursts of water running into the flow switch but nothing continuous. The flow switch paddle moves a little..fluttering but not actually making full sustained contact with the middle element ( meaning it's not really opening?? Pic attached) Thanks again for the help!
  8. Hi - Frequent guest, first time asking for help. Thanks in advance and thanks for past help as a "browser"! 2006 Jacuzzi J325 owner here, bought from used spa dealer 3 years ago. Recent issue: working fine ( about 1 month past most recent water change) but came out to find the dreaded Watch Dog dashes error. Shut breaker off: upon power up, observed OH error code very briefly, temp was 102 (verified this, felt correct), red heater light comes on as though it's trying to get up to it's set temp of 104. With panel off, I'm hearing what sounds like the circ pump trying to come on, but it never does. ( This circ pump has been a bit noisy over the past year so I've been suspecting it could fail soon). If I leave it alone for several minutes, the watch dog dashes appear and the tub is locked. Rinse repeat, same events but obviously the temp is starting to drop over the last 2 days of testing. Currently low 90's ( we're in Phx, high ambient temps). So here's a detail: If I reboot as above and attempt to turn on the main pumps ( low and hi) they both work and the tub will operate with main pumps/ jets going for approx 5 min.....then watchdog kicks in and we start over. All the while, that circ pump never seems to come on in any circumstance. Steps: Tested temp sensor ( replaced this 1 year ago) Good . Have a spare. It's good as well. Tested ohm reading based on a guide found here on this site.....both switches seemed correct for the temp at the time. Tested Hi Limit switch ( ohm reading was about right for water temp at the time) Flo Switch "looks" like it's working correctly but can't be certain. Replaced this 1 year ago. Caps on control board "look" ok...not obviously bulging but I'm no expert. Fuse looks ok, but again...no expert here. So I leave it to the pros.....am I suspecting the circ pump without due cause ( just because it's been noisy and seems to be struggling) or am I missing something else? Thanks in advance!
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