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  1. Unfortunately had to end up scrapping the whole tub. Couldn’t find the part. And either option I tried it wouldn’t fit.
  2. I actually called them yesterday and they said it was no longer available. And they said they would take it down.. but I see they have not yet... I've sent them another message ...
  3. It's a 1992 Soverign.. I'll try to attach another photo. It wont let me attach it, says too large . Dave- can you let me know what part you are talking about ? I need the heating element. Watkins part #31255
  4. Hey guys I have a wonderful 1990 to Hot Springs Soverign hot tub . I've had no issues with it it runs beautifully and everything about it is immaculate . The only issue is my heating element broke this weekend . I have tried to get replacement parts and cannot Pantley Watkins the company that makes the heating element went out of business last year I have attached the pictures of my heating element if anyone has same hot tub saying heating element please let me know I'm very dire search of it . I have searched every Avenue online and contacted every company online that I know and this part is no longer made and is absolutely obsolete .
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