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  1. Hi there, Next summer we are planning to install a custom swimming pool at our home for our kids. Kids are asking for it. My kids are the happiest when in pools or beaches. Last summer we spent most of our time at the beach and swimming pools. They were so happy to be there. So next summer we are going to install one at home. They can play as much as they want. This not just because they wanted but also for their health. I read that swimming enhances the child’s development. It promotes the development of the sensory integration and motor development. It is said that the underwater swimming will make your child calm and organized. Moving in the water creates controlled vestibule stimulation and helps to enhance the body awareness. It also helps to improve muscle strength. I think it would be useful to install one at home and a real fun for kids. What you people think about it? Isn’t it a good option?
  2. Yeah... That's correct... I used to go to the public swimming pool with my kids, but not anymore after seeing a similar article online about the same… It said that even after disinfecting the pool some germs still lurk in the water, which can cause major health issues in Children. These germs can cause various respiratory illness like asthma and hay fever. But, my children love swimming and it is good for health. So, I am planning to build one in our backyard. I have already contacted a swimming pool installation team in Boston. They’ll be coming home by next week to discuss the design and other stuff. Maybe you can also do the same. And this is the article I was talking about- https://www.parentingscience.com/swimming-pools.html . Hope this helped you…
  3. Nice article, Nitro... Thanks for sharing...
  4. Great...!!! Thanks for sharing...
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