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  1. They say can not be used outdoors in temp lower than 40 degrees.
  2. Hi, I received a Coleman Saluspa as a gift, live in Ohio. I didn't want to wait till spring to try it out, so set it up in my garage/mancave. My garage size is 2 car, heated, refinished with drywall which is painted with basic flat latex and has outdoor carpet. Basic temp of my garage this time of year is around 55 degrees with 30% humidity. I only use the spa for about 30 minutes at a time, when I run the spa the garage temp jumps to around 65 degrees with 65% humidity and the walls get a little condensation. After using the spa I covered it back up and after about a hour the temp / humidity goes back to normal and condensation goes away. Is this safe? I have read about dry rot and other problems that can occur, but not sure if this would be the case using it like I am. Will probably move it outdoors come spring. Any input appreciated! Thanks! Steve
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